When the sun has yawned and stretched but still leaves

Its heat in the stones, the fields or your skin;

After your sunbathing or an office meeting. When the moon weaves

Its fine milk threads across the lands and so begins

The night: when all is wet and ripe


and you can walk naked on the grass, hand in hand if you like

Or alone, humming something you thought you had lost.

Look at the stars reflected in the dew, soaking your feet as you hike

Over the spine of mountains or just to the garden gate as the frost

Sets in and sleep starts calling you.


And you dream. Your mother rinsing away the climbed trees

And scraped elbows, tickling you and laughing, bubbles

Popping in the steam and her beautiful face. You see all these

Under the eyelids as your body sweats off the day´s troubles

Here in the pendulum of night.


Your lover is a moored crescent and the bed a ship

And all is water and sea- and all your living is for joy.

Somewhere else a mother pushes a firstborn out and he slips

From the waves to the lighthouse and daddy cries and the boy

Copies him: we are breathing out breathing in.



And you learn words. History handed to you in songs

Never forgotten but etched inside until you are born.

Language flapping like full salmon from your heart that long

To swim and say everything. Rivers like veins that form

Tongues over the endless centuries.


When the sun dips from view and we know night will soon

Be upon us. As the tides swill and rise, as a mother´s thighs

Push out life and joy is the cries of language. When the moon

Is the watchful owl as we sleep and dream. And our eyes

Like tiny drops of the oceans



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